Brazil VS Germany Match Preview

Brazil VS Germany FIFA World Cup 2014 Match Preview

This German generation of football players faces their 3rd Semi-Finals when they face Brazil on Tuesday, a moment to finally realise years of promise. Just 1 game away from a FIFA World Cup Finals in the Maracana and an opportunity to finally heal 64 years of pain, Brazil is still struggling to overcome the loss of their talisman. Who will triumph and make it to the FIFA World Cup 2014 Finals?

Both Brazil and Germany coaches Luiz Felipe Scolari and Joachim Löw have had much experienced in high presure games – both are in their 3rd World Cup Semi Finals. Scolari took his country to the last 4 in 2002 and repeated that feat 4 years later, with Portugal. Löw was assistant to Jürgen Klinsmann in 2006 and after replacing the coach, he has led Germany to the FIFA World Cup 2010 Semi Finals.

Neither Brazil nor Germany have impressed on a regular basis and some might wonder whether they are holding something back for this stage. While the hosts have the territorial advantage, Germany have goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, who had already made many impressive saves in this tournament. He proved invaluable if the match goes into penalties. Brazil and Germany have met 21 times, with Germany winning only 4 and losing 12.

Germany – Brazil VS Germany Match Preview

Brazil Vs Germany

Germany’s manager Joachim Löw’s team have been in long-term development. They have reached the last 4 of the World Cup 2010 and Euro 2012 but have lost both times. What they had gained in pace and style they had lost in nerve and nous, missing the experience of players like Michael Ballack and Jens Lehmann, both of whom had taken Germany all the way to the 2008 Euro Finals.

Against Brazil, in Belo Horizonte, Germany will have the chance to make up for what they have missed the last 2 times. This is the moment for these players – Manuel Neuer, Philipp Lahm and Bastien Schweinsteiger –  to asset themselves as experienced, decisive and serious winners, all of whom form the spine of Germany. The new generations of young attackers – Mesut Özil, Toni Kroos and Thomas Müller – need to deliver what has been merely promise at senior international level.

This match could very well send them into the FIFA World Cup 2014 Finals on Sunday. After years of preparation, Germany now needs to win. Löw said, “We’ve been in at least the Semi Finals of the last 4 World Cups and that just shows that we’ve been playing consistently at the very highest level. One thing’s for sure – we desperately want to play in the Maracana in Rio again, on 13 July. We’re not done yet.”

This Germany team appear to possess a focus that was missing in their past 2 tournaments. In South Africa in the 2010 World Cup, they thrilled the world with their triumph over Argentina and England, cutting them open on the break. Then, in the Semi Finals against Spain, they were picked off by a far more experienced side. In the Euro 2012, Germany started almost as well, but when they came up against Italy in the Semi Finals, they crumbled again and lost 2-1.

Has Germany learnt from those losses? Or will they wilt again under the pressure of such a meaningful match? Those who suggest the latter could point to the Ghana game, which ended 2-2 and their last-16 extra time defeat of Algeria, a 2-1 win which was hardly convincing.

However, in the Quarter Finals against a France team that had been one of the most exciting attacking forces of the tournament, Germany produced an excellent performance of controlled efficiency which some though they were no longer capable of.

Today, they will have to put up with emotion, noise and force beyond anything that have ever faced before, against a Brazil side that will be without Neymar and captain Thiago Silva, their 2 best players. Germany, meanwhile, would be without Shkodran Mustafi after he suffered a tie problem against Algeria in the Round of 16. This Germany team may never have a better chance to reach a World Cup Final, given their skills and resources capable of exposing this Brazil side. Can Germany prove their capability and reach the FIFA World Cup 2014 Finals?

Brazil – Brazil VS Germany Match Preview

For more than a year, Brazil’s desperation to put right a defeat to Uruguay in the decisive match in 1950 has centered on 1 man – Neymar. However, they would have to do without this single player who has the ability to restore the nation’s glory. With less thean 5 minutes remaining in the Quarter Finals 2-1 win over Colombia, Neymar received a knee to his back from Colombia’s Juan Zuniga that left him out of the competition which he had been carrying the weight of a most demanding nation.

Brazil would now have to beat Germany without him, in a competition where he already gave plenty, scoring a total of 4 goals and proving the crucial corner for Brazil to lead in their World Cup Quarter Finals.

Brazil’s Quarter Finals win over Colombia was a new benchmark for a Brazil team based on counter attacking, tactical fouling and cynicism. There had been plenty of those tactics in last year’s Confederations Cup, but it has taken on a harsher tone as the stakes were raised in this FIFA World Cup 2014. In the Round of 16 match against Chile, and then the Quarter Finals against Colombis, Brazil’s Fernandinho has left marks on opponents after the ball has been gone. Throughout both games, the star player on each opposition team, Alexis Sanchez of Chile and James Rodriguez of Colombia, was the target of repeated fouling. Each match saw need records for the number of total fouls during the World Cup, with Brazil leading the way on both occasions.

While everyone may have different opinions about the morality of these tactics, there is no doubt that Brazil have paid a huge price for a battle they had begun. Brazil now complain about their star player being the target.

Fortunately, there is more to Brazil’s game than just fouling. When Brazil play at a ferocious tempo as they did earlier on in their Quarter Finals as well as many of their matches in the Confederations Cup, they are a sight to behold. A talented Colombia team could not handle them. Only when the pace drops and it becomes a more tactical match up then Brazil look incredible ordinary. A Brazil team heavy on athletic and powerful players lack the quality on the ball to control the pace of the game. Against Chile and Colombia, while Brazil took the lead in the beginning, they were pegged back when their intensity apparently dropped.

The strength of Brazil’s defence has gone a long way to seeing them through. However, against Germany, Thiago Silva will be missing, having collected a second yellow card in the Quarter Finals against Colombia. Bayern Munich’s Dante will step in and it is likely that he will take up the captaincy in place of Thiago Silva.

Without Neymar, the more defensively sound Oscar is likely to be brought back into the middle and Willian may well be the man to replace Neymar. Willian and Hulk also have the pace to catch out a Germany back line that is vulnerable to players running in behind.

Brazil will hope that this is a match decided between the ears rather than with the feet. With so many obstacles facing them, can the host nation pull it through?

Germany VS Brazil Match Preview

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