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Singapore Soccer

Here are some of the soccer academies in Singapore. Check them out if you’re interested in sending your child or attending a soccer academy. Click on these links and you will be directed to the website of the selected soccer academy.

2 Touch Soccer School Singapore

Chelsea FC Soccer School Singapore

English Soccer School

ESPZEN Soccer School

FC Barcelona SG Academy

First Kick Academy

International Soccer Academy

Manchester United Soccer School

Milan Soccer School SG

Soccer School Arsenal FC (JSSL)

Singapore Soccer Academy

Why send your child to a Singapore soccer academy?

Well, if your child has an interest or an innate talent in soccer, it would be great if you could develop his interest at a young age. A soccer academy would have the necessary resources, facilities and experience to develop your child. Joining an academy would hone his skills and if pursued with passion and hard work, would be greatly beneficial to him. Of course, there shouldn’t be any pressure on your child as long as he or she enjoys it.

Furthermore, what better way is there for your child to pursue his passion? Undoubtedly, if you do have the time, resources and necessary skill set to develop your child in this field, attending a soccer academy would not be necessary. However, most of us would not have the ability to develop these children to their fullest potential. Attending a soccer academy would be the second best choice.

Also, there would be the health benefit of playing football. Exercising would greatly boost your child’s stamina, immune system and his health. Why not make the best of both world by joining an academy? What are you waiting for? Sign up for a soccer academy now!

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