International Soccer Academy Singapore

International Soccer Academy Sigapore


International Soccer Academy allows your children express themselves, and discover their true potential through football. Unlock their talents on the pitch, while learning core life skills such as teamwork, friendship and an aptitude for constant improvement and self-development.

International Soccer Academy offers comprehensive training with experienced coaches and world class facilities, to boys and girls between the ages of 3 to 18.

Training sessions are both age-based and skill level-based.  At weekends, some classes are also gender based.

Training classes are available at specific times all day Saturday, as well as during the week after academic school has finished.

International Soccer Academy’s curriculum of programs comprise varying techniques and intensities, enabling talented footballers to play at their best in high-quality competitive situations – even perhaps to carve out a career as successful professional football player.

Alternatively, young children who are more inclined toward simply having fun while learning vital, non-academic life skills on the pitch are given excellent opportunities to do so with like-minded boys and girls in well-suited training classes and carefully selected league level play.

Do visit International Soccer Academy for more details on the courses and programmes they have to offer!

International Soccer Academy Sigapore