Soccer Fields in Changi

Soccer Fields in Changi

Are you a Changi Resident? Looking for a soccer court or field to play soccer with your friends? We have made the search easy for you by preparing a list of soccer fields that are in Changi. This will also allow you to find out more details of the individual pitches of Soccer Fields in Changi through the links below:

Changkat Changi Secondary School

Soccer Fields in Changi
Changi Town, Source: Wikipedia

Changi is an area at the eastern end of Singapore. It is now the site of Singapore Changi Airport/Changi Air Base, Changi Naval Base and is also home to Changi Prison, site of the former Japanese prisoner of war camp during World War II which held Alliedprisoners captured in Singapore and Malaysia after Singapore’s fall in February 1942.

The native place name Changi is found very early in Singapore’s history. In the 1828 map by Franklin and Jackson, the extreme southeastern tip of the island is referred to as Tanjong Changi. The local name Changi must have been a significant point for the Malays, especially in the days of the sixteenth century Johor kingdom located on the Johor River. Vessels using the Johor Straits would have to pass by Changi.

There are many versions for the etymological roots of the name Changi. One source says that it comes from a climbing shrub, the changi ular (Apama corymbosa), which grew in the area. Another claims that it gets its name from a tall tree, the chengai (Balanscarpus heimii), which abounded in the area in the early nineteenth century. Changi could also be a variation of the local timber named chengai. This heavy local timber is commonly used for buildings and furniture, and is valued for its strength and renowned for its deep rich colour

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